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Whatever Happened To…..

So, I am cruising through channels the other day, and come across, to my horror, yet another remake of a beloved childhood cartoon and movie series. Yes, I am talking about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I loved the turtles as a kid. I still do. I have all the movies. I had the turtle van, and all the action figures (with real karate chop action).  Nickelodeon  has, in their infinite wisdom, decided to do a newer version. The turtles look smooth. They’re apparently now from outer space, no ooze needed. What? Trust me, I’m just as disappointed.

In the last few years, they have also revamped Rainbow Bright, My Little Pony’s, Thundercats, Smurfs, Strawberry Shortcake,  Pound Puppies, Alvin and the Chipmunks,  Garfield, Transformers, and even GI Joe. Why mess with greatness? Why feel the need to make the ponies skinnier and taller? Weren’t they cute enough?  Does this lead down to the fact that now everything skinny is better? How does this affect kids watching cartoons now? Theres so many questions.  I loved the original versions of all of these cartoons. I love Boomerang, it shows the cartoons in there original versions.  I could deal with some of these, Thundercats and Transformers look cool, but man, messing with the turtles is just low.

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