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More Horror/Gothic Musical Please!!!!

I have a hidden obsession….I really, really love a good horror slasher musical.  Like, really love them.  Rocky Horror Picture Show started it for me.  As a teenager my friends and I would dress up in our costumes and head to Salisbury where the little dollar theater would do a midnight Rocky Horror showing.  Dancing and singing along, we would have a blast!  I know all the words, to every song.  I rocked that gold top hat for all it was worth.

Over the last few years there have been new ones come out.  I’ve really enjoyed Repo, The Genetic Opera, and Sweeney Todd was quite good.  There is something wonderful about combining my love of horror movies and my love of musicals, with catchy lyrics and songs.  Repo is one of my major favorites, the music is amazing.    The movie is dark, and comical, with twisted humor, blood and gore.  Its awesome!  I love the casting, and Anthony Stewart Head does an amazing job as the tortured repo man.  It also really asks the question of where, as a society we are heading.  Beauty has become so important, what people do to achieve a standard is unbelievable.

Sweeney Todd is a work of art. Even when surrounded by a beautiful scene, they do a wonderful job of showing just what a vengeful soul he is, always making him appear dark, depressed, and mad.  Based on an old urban legend, it captures the imagination and is just brutal in showing his madness and rage.  The music is great.  Very captivating, the duets are beautiful. I love Alan Rickman, hes an amazing actor.


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