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I Miss…..

  • Riding my bike in the rain standing up with my mouth open wide as a kid.
  • My pogo ball…
  • Stomping in puddles and not having to clean up the mess mostly.
  • Really playing hide and seek.
  • Skateboarding without fear.
  • Rollerblading like a bat out of hell through town.
  • Excitement over a brand new game technology, like the Nintendo.
  • Watching USA Up All Night with Gilbert Godfrey and Rhonda Shear.
  • Trick or Treating.
  • The first time I was allowed to go all the way to the store alone.
  • Watching a scary horror movie for the first time ever.
  • Those kindergarten centers.
  • That first kiss/date/love.
  • My children as snuggling newborns.
  • My now almost 12 year old as a four year old.
  • That first year is our very own apartment….
  • Dressing up for Halloween and ACTUALLY finding houses that give out a ton of candy.
  • Scaring my friends while walking through the graveyard.
  • The time before political correctness.
  • Bill Clinton, at least he was amusing.
  • Reading Rainbow.
  • Pretending to be Indiana Jones.
  • Spending the night with my cousin and rewinding and re-watching the part where you can see Patrick Swayzes butt.
  • Making chicken and dumplings with my grandma.
  • Following my grandpa around in his wood working shop.
  • Playing baseball and basketball on a team.
  • Working because I wanted too, not needed too.
  • Middle school band trips.
  • Writing horror stories with my little cousin.

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32, married mom of two, busy working Hospice CNA

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