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I came across this one day while looking for something online.  It makes me furious, that in this day and age, this crap is still around.  Living in the South, I have heard, all my life, various racial slurs and terms.  I hate it.  I hate it as much as a racist hates an interracial gay couple.  It drives me nuts to hear hate spewed from someones mouth, particularly someone under the age of 90, in regards to ones color, sexual orientation, or gender.   I have been appalled to see and hear the things said during the last two presidential races.  A woman that works at a local store and my daughters school complained loudly, in front of my child, “My grandaddy would roll over in his grave if he knew there was a N——– in the White House.”  Really? REALLY?  To hear a grown adult complain about a gay couple wanting to adopt, or get married, and the best argument they can give is that “Next we’ll have men marrying dogs”…..Ugh.  As if they’re not even human.  I mean really, who cares, right?  Might as well go back to lynching days, you know, back in the good ol’ times.

I guess it all begins as a kid.  If you hear it, you believe it. Surely you would think that as people become adults, and the world opens up to them, they would see the light?  That the black couple down the street aren’t drug dealers, or on welfare.  That the gay guy isn’t a child molester or monster due to his innate sexual preference.  But no, too many people refuse to think for themselves.  I feel a bit better knowing that my children have never heard a term like that from me.  I don’t even spew the hatred back at a bigot, just ignore them and go about my merry little way.  I do make sure to let them know that people think differently about all kinds of things, and isn’t it sad that that man is so closed minded?  Maybe if we all do a little bit it will eventually all die out. Hopefully.



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