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I Don’t Hang Out With Girls……

So, I have a confession.  I am 32, and I don’t hang out with girls. Well, I have one friend whose a girl, and the women I work with, but in general? No. Women are catty.  Not all, but some. The ones that tend to find me are full of drama, willing to throw you under the bus to save face, and hate-filled.  A guy will tell you they don’t like you, maybe punch you, then you’re friends again.  A girl will tell everyone your deepest secrets, turn everyone else against you, then laugh as you cry.  Manipulative.  Ugh. Drives me nuts.  I say this because I have friends that are in the middle of a divorce.  They are awful to each other, but me, being a Libra, I am a peacekeeper.  So the husband has been bringing their child over when he has her on weekends. I talk to the wife on occasion, to check and see how shes doing. Out of this comes drama. I’m “taking sides”.  I’m a horrible gossipy human that has said this, this, and this.  Blah, blah, blah.  Really? I haven’t said anything, to anyone. I never do. What goes on in your world, stays in your world. So the claws have come out.  Oh well.  I have decided to just not talk to either. Much easier to ignore than get involved.



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32, married mom of two, busy working Hospice CNA

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